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Ditch dessert for PEACHES & CREAM, Wayward's new Peach and Vanilla Kettle Sour. This velvety, fruity brew is loaded with Australian-grown peaches and backed by creamy Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. A delicate balance of sweet and sour, this indulgent drop is the (vegan) ice cream sundae of beer.

You can treat yourself to Peaches & Cream from Thursday, 01 April, when this decadent brew will be available in bottle shops and venues all across Australia. But get in quick, as this seasonal release is in limited supply. Keep an eye out for the stockist list, coming soon.

While you wait, we've chatted with Head Brewer Shaun Blissett on all things Peaches & Cream. Spoiler alert: the beer is not inspired by the 112 song, but the brew team have been playing that absolute banger on repeat.

Apart from listening to 112, what inspired Peaches & Cream?

"Peaches & Cream was actually one of the first cellar door releases we ever brewed. That was back in 2016, when we brewed it as a collab with Keg & Brew for Sydney Beer Week. The beer faced-off in the Sydney Beer Week edition of Dove & Olive’s Craft Beer Fight Club — we didn't win (which I still contest!), but our punters really loved it, and we've been wanting to brew it again for a while. We’re excited to finally bring this beer back, though we've re-imagined it considerably."

What's different about the 2021 version of this brew?

"It'll really be a different beer altogether. The original version was a cream ale style, which was meant to emulate a classic American cream soda. Our new version of Peaches & Cream is a kettle sour, so you’re looking at a classic sweet and sour flavour combination. It’s perfect for when you want something light, tart and refreshing.

Another difference is that, in the original version, we used whole vanilla beans. Part of the reason we took so long to brew this beer again is because the vanilla market has been all over the place, and we’ve had a hard time sourcing good vanilla. That’s why I was so excited when I found the Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, which is what we’re using in the current version of Peaches & Cream.

This extract is actually an even better alternative for this beer because it’s specifically rich and creamy, and it really packs a flavour punch. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla is also the second most expensive ingredient in the world after saffron, so you're getting something very special in this brew."

Tell us more about the brewing process and ingredients.

"It's a fruited kettle sour, which means we specifically brewed it to sour quickly, within 48-72 hours. It's brewed with Oats, Wheat and English Caramalt, then loaded with Australian-grown peach puree — the peach is added post-ferment to maintain that fresh fruit flavour. If you add the fruit beforehand, it gets cooked and no longer has that crisp taste that you want in a fruit beer.

We also used our house lacto-culture, but it's not a lactose beer, so you won’t get that smoothie-like mouth feel. Instead, you'll get a lovely, velvety quality from the Madagasgar Bourbon vanilla."

When is the best time to enjoy a tinnie of the stuff?

"I’d say anytime after 11am. But seriously, it’s a great beer to sit and consider. It's not intensely sweet or sour, it's just a perfect balance of the two with a silky finish. It could easily replace dessert, or be an accompaniment to dessert. If I was going for a pairing, I’d say New York-style cheesecake, or these caramel miso brownies by Bill Grainger that I’m obsessed with. Hit us up on Wayward socials if you want me to send you the recipe.

A mild, creamy cheese pairing would work too, like a camembert or a double brie. Do not ever get a triple cream brie, though. I have no time in my life for triple cream."

You seem to have very serious opinions about dessert.

"Oh I do. And part of what is great about this beer is that it’s better than any fruity dessert out there. Has there ever been a dessert that’s been enhanced by fruit? No. But this beer is a good replacement for those subpar fruited sweets.

But apart from all that dessert banter, Peaches & Cream can also just be something a little different to bring to your next backyard barbecue or dinner party. It's definitely going to be a crowd pleaser."

Get your hands on tinnies of Peaches & Cream this Thursday, 01 April. Check out our list of stockists here or buy from our Taproom or Merch Store.

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