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We’ve been brewing premium craft beers for everyday people since well before Everyday Ale joined our core range offering in 2018. Now, we're stoked to announce that Everyday Ale is being joined by a new friend - Everyday Lager!

With what we hope to be a huge Summer, our brew team took on the Winter project of reviewing the brewery’s core range, resulting in a big change for one of the brews.

“Brewing isn’t about making the same beers for five years. It’s important to change with the seasons, evolving palates and connecting with different demographics with releases,” says our Head Brewer Shaun Blissett.

Everyday Lager replaces the Pilsner in our core range. It was a tough decision, but we want to cater to those who enjoy craft brews and supporting a local independent brewery, but want something slightly less challenging on the palate.

“We loved our Pilsner here at the brewery, technically it’s a great beer and we have a lot of medals to show for it, including Gold at the most recent AIBA awards. But for a lot of people it’s just not quite what they’re looking for - there’s too much bitterness there for them. Our new Everyday Lager is still a cracking beer - both technically and generally speaking - but it’s just more approachable in style,” continues Blissett.

Everyday Lager offers a clear, lighter body; less bitterness; and a subtle hint of citrus and passionfruit aromatics. The ultimate easy-drinking lager to sit aside fan favourite Everyday Ale.

“We simplified the malt base and fine-tuned the recipe to be more of a classic Australian Lager hybrid with the German Pilsner. Like the original Pilsner, we still dry hopped with Vic Secret (one of my favourite Australian hop varieties), this time creating a more sessionable Australian Lager with a different balance in its palate. A little less bitter, a little more dry - definitely built for session drinking!”

We haven’t just changed what’s inside the tinnie, the Pilsner can design has received a subtle spruce up to reflect the new brew contained within. You’ll have to look closely though, as we’ve kept a lot of elements from the original illustration. We thought it would be a nice touch to incorporate a nod to our home city, and the updated illustration is loosely inspired by the lighthouse at Watson’s Bay. What better way to depict a crisp and refreshing lager than with Sydney’s beautiful coastline.

After countless hours and many test brews - we are stoked for all beer lovers new and old to try Everyday Lager, launching in venues and bottle shops around Australia as of Friday, August 12 – see all Wayward stockists here.

If you don’t like the old-favourite Everyday Ale or the new contender Everyday Lager, then perhaps you just don't like beer…


Introducing Everyday Lager! This super sessionable Aussie lager is crisp, clean and ultra refreshing. Brewed with a light malt base, perfectly balanced by subtle passionfruit and citrus notes. It's the ultimate easy-drinking lager, sitting alongside long-time Wayward favourite Everyday Ale.

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 25

Release: Core Range, available all year round

Availability: On tap, in growlers & in tinnies

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