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After 5 years on the craft brewing scene, we're ready to release our first sub-brand, W SELTZER: a range of naturally brewed and refreshingly different Hard Seltzers.

We'll be hitting the shelves with three flavours: Classic Lime, Summer Berries and Tropical Mango. W Seltzer started out as a brewhouse experiment by our Head Brewer Shaun Blissett, who has spent the past year perfecting our brewed seltzer recipe. The result is crystal clear and easy drinking, with a clean and crisp finish. It also happens to be naturally gluten free, low in sugar and low in carbs.

Shaun says:

“This brewed hard seltzer project has really been my baby for the past year. Getting it to this production stage has been the most challenging research project of my brewing career. But I’m really happy with the result, so it was all worth it.”

“I think hard seltzer will really prove itself this summer, once people get their heads around what it is (and what it isn’t) – and, more importantly, try a few tinnies of the stuff. I think it’s a drink that all different types of punters will get into, and we’ll see the perception of hard seltzers change as the summer goes on."

An early test batch of our hard seltzers first hit your homes as part of our very limited Taproom Series back in April 2020 – during the height of the COVID lockdown. Now, the full W Seltzer range is ready to launch for the first time in bottle shops and venues all over Australia.  The entire W Seltzer range is full-flavoured yet refreshing, without any residual sweetness. Since the hard seltzers are brewed using all-natural flavours, they taste like real lime, real mango and real berries – not like the lolly flavourings you get with standard RTDs (Ready To Drink packaged beverages). The W Seltzer brand will run alongside our existing range of craft beers, and like our beers, it'll all be brewed at our Camperdown brewery using natural ingredients. Down the line, W Seltzer will continue to expand with more flavours – think watermelon, pineapple and more citrusy options too, plus plenty of surprises in store!

We'll be launching the new brand in venues and bottle shops across Australia as of Friday, October 23 – so keep an eye out on the W Seltzer Instagram, Facebook and Website for stockist lists!

What is a brewed hard seltzer?

It's a sparkling, naturally brewed alcoholic beverage that's designed to be easy drinking with a clean, crisp finish. W Seltzer is brewed much like a beer, using a rice base and lightly hopped. It's then filtered through a carbon filtration system, stripped back to a smooth alcohol base and finished with natural fruit flavours.

The end result is a refreshingly different hard seltzer that's crystal clear and flavoursome, yet dry on the palate. It also happens to be 100% gluten free, low in sugar and low in carbs.

What makes a brewed hard seltzer different (and better) than a standard RTD?

A brewed hard seltzer is worlds apart from your standard RTDs – which are generally quite sweet, quite strong in alcohol and made using nasty additives. With a brewed hard seltzer, you’ll get bold, fruit forward aromas that give way to a clean, crisp finish. It’s full-flavoured without any residual sweetness. And, since the W Seltzer range is brewed using all-natural flavours, they taste like real lime, real mango and real berries – not like the lolly flavourings you get with RTDs.

We hope you love this new range as much as we do, mates!

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