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key account manager

Steve Lyon

sydney shire / south coast / ACT

Matty Heatrick

sydney east/ cbd

shire/ south coast

Tommy Cleary

Sydney North / Newcastle 

Zac Roberts

Sydney inner  west/ SOUTH WEST /BLUE MOUNTAINS

Matt Holland

Northern NSW - Qld State Sales Manager

Dayne Morley


Lotus Beer Collective



Sonic Syrup


Beermuda Triangle


Kitty Cardwell


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Delivery of Goods
1.1. You are liable for the goods once they are received by you or your agent collects them and risk in the goods passes to you at the same time.
1.2. You must inspect the goods immediately once that are delivered to your premises or you or your agent collects them.
You must advise us of any issues of incorrect, missing or defective goods within 48 hours.
1.3. Kegs and pallets used to deliver goods to you must be returned when empty. You must pay the replacement cost of any kegs and pallets that are lost, damaged or not returned.

Ownership of Goods
2.1 Ownership of the goods shown on the invoice only passes to you when you have paid Wayward Brewing Co the price in full for those goods.
2.2 Until you own the goods, you must insure the goods and any kegs and pallets in which they are delivered against fire, theft, accident and malicious damage. You must pass to Wayward Brewing Co the proceeds of any insurance claim in respect of Wayward Brewing Co’s goods, kegs and pallets.

Payment for Goods
3.1 You must pay Wayward Brewing Co the price for the goods shown on the invoice and all other delivery fees or charges in full within the time specified on the invoice.
3.2 If any goods are not paid for within the time specified in the invoice or you become insolvent (as defined in the
Corporations Law):
a) Wayward Brewing Co may repossess the goods which are its property, and
b) You authorise Wayward Brewing Co, its officers, employees or agents to enter any premises owned or occupied by you where the goods are located to repossess the goods.
3.3 Wayward Brewing Co may charge interest at the rate of interest at a rate 5% higher than the ANZ Bank Overdraft
Business Rate current at the time of the first day of default in payment. The interest is to be calculated on a daily basis from the due date until the date when payment is made in full to Wayward Brewing Co.
3.4 You must reimburse Wayward Brewing Co for any costs (including legal fees and administrative charges) incurred by Wayward Brewing Co if you do not pay any money by the due date or you pay by cheque or other means which are dishonoured.

Liability for Goods
4.1 You indemnify Wayward Brewing Co against any claims for injury to any person or loss or damage to any property arising out of the consumption, handling or storage of the goods, kegs or other containers.
4.2 To the maximum extent permitted by law, Wayward Brewing Co limits its liability under these terms and conditions to the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods, at Wayward Brewing Co’s option.

Credit Facility
5.1 Wayward Brewing Co provides credit facilities at its discretion and may withdraw them at any time.
5.2 You authorise and consent to Wayward Brewing Co exchanging information with a credit reporting agency or other credit providers for the purpose of deciding whether or not to provide any credit terms.

Status of Terms and Conditions
6.1 Wayward Brewing Co may vary these terms and conditions by notifying you in writing, at which time you may cancel your arrangements with Wayward Brewing Co should you not agree to any variation.
6.2 When you order goods from us, it means that you also accept these terms and conditions unless you and Wayward Brewing Co have agreed in writing to any alternative terms.
6.3 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales and you and Wayward Brewing Co accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales to determine any dispute.

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