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A Leading Australian Beverage Group

Local Drinks Collective (LDC) is an independent co-operative beverage group that was created in Oct 2022 by Wayward Brewing Co and Batch Brewing Co with the objective of becoming Australia’s leading diversified beverage group.

Why Are We Different?

LDC combines the individual strengths of its member companies without losing any of the independence and innovation that made them successful in the first place. LDC does this by providing common functions that are necessary for Australian independent breweries to grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive market while maintaining the innovation that they are known for.

Award Winning Craft Beverages

LDC has a criteria of only inviting great brands into the alliance that make award-winning beers, seltzers and other beverages. Our focus on product quality, flavour and outstanding service means that LDC is a trusted business partner to our customers.

Our Service Promise


We know that consumers love our products, so we look forward to working hand-in-hand with you towards our mutual success. This means making sure you have the right products at the right time with the right support.



By partnering with us, you will receive:

•Premium quality, distinctive craft beers, seltzer & hop water that are hand-crafted with skill and passion

•Marketing support to create an exciting point-of-sale and digital experience for consumers

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