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We live for adventure. Our brews encourage everyone to take the road (or beer) less travelled and to enjoy a nice cold one along the way. Whether you're climbing that mountain, hitting the open road or soaking up some beachside vibes, Wayward is along for the ride.

Since beer is also worth travelling for, we're pushing the limits at our brewery too. Nothing is out of bounds at Wayward, and we guarantee you'll find something to love here – whether your thing is hop bombs, or dark beers, or weird and wonderful sours, or just a classic, sessionable pale ale.

Whichever adventure you're on, Wayward will be there to cheers you at the finish line.


Wayward is the ethos of travellers. It's a desire to see what's around the corner, to take the road less travelled and to embrace whatever you find. It's that romantic idea of the travel of old, when every departure was an adventure. Put simply, it's the act of getting lost on purpose. 


At Wayward, we try to live this philosophy in our beer, our brewery and our people. We're not afraid to go off the beaten track and hope that in doing so, we create something that people are excited to drink and share with friends and family. Our beer pays homage to the classic European styles while creating something with a distinctly Wayward twist.

Our founder, Peter Philip, came to own Wayward through a decade-long love affair with home brewing and still considers himself a homebrewer at heart. His wayward ethos comes from an insatiable wanderlust and love of travel, particularly beer pilgrimages through Europe an other places with rich brewing traditions. He loves the idea of beers that you can only find in one place - beer worth travelling for.

Shaun Blissett is Wayward's Head Brewer and as a professional brewer in every sense of the word - he is regularly amused by Pete's non-traditional approaches. His formative years were spent at Illawarra Brewing Company, which not only produced its own award-winning beers, but also brewed beers on contract for breweries all over Australia. Shaun is a devotee of hoppy American-style beers as well as being an innovative beer inventor in his own right.


The two met when Wayward was in Gypsy phase and brewing out of Illawarra. The duo immediately hit it off as they discovered each other's strengths in the creative collaboration process. Today, the two brewers compliment each other, with the pair regularly inventing beers that bring new twists to old styles.


The Brewery

We might be wayward in our approach but we are meticulous when it comes to brewing.


We believe craft beer is all about flavour, so we source the right ingredients from all over the world and don't rush the result. Sometimes this means our beers take a little longer to make and we're okay with that.


At Wayward, we operate a modern 20hL, four-vessel brew-house (mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle and whirlpool) and a combination of 40hL and 20hL fermentation vessels.


We sell our beer in draught by the keg, primarily to local pubs and restaurants, and our core range and limited release beers are also available to buy in cans at all good bottle shops.

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Located in the bones of a former wine cellar, our expansive, underground Taproom boasts 24 taps and a lot of character. Our bartenders are local legends that love to have a chat and treat our regulars like part of the Wayward family. Pull up a bar stool in the main bar, or hole up in one of the old wine vats, which have been converted into cosy drinking dens with speakeasy vibes.

Behind the bar, you'll find a regularly rotating tap list that's turning out much more than just hazy brews and pale ales; we're also slinging barrel aged beers, kettle sours, smoked porters and five flavours of W Seltzer  — along with Das Juice rose, red and white wine, cider and soft drinks. Our Brewers' Pilot Series offers Taproom exclusives from the Wayward brew team, and we continue to support the local and international craft brew scene through our guest taps.

Like our brews, our Taproom is a bit off the beaten path, but still adjacent to the Marrickville craft beer bubble. Dogs and families are welcome. You bring the mates, we'll pour the pints.

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